"An art critic from Lund Sweden, wrote that my work was comparable to atonal music - Stravinsky, Phillip Glass and others".


At a German art fair, a reviewer noted that my works at first glance could be reminiscent of early Kandinsky paintings - but still not - I had a completely unique "handwriting", my works were completely itself and quite unique ".


Advertisement Copy From the Art Fair in Cologne
Biography by Ole Lindboe




In the yearbook 'Dansk Kunst', a writer points out my use of colors are quite unique, and compares it to the earlier Japanese and Chinese masters of line and dash technique".


In the biography 'Skønhed Og Stilhed Verden Ifølge Jens Kantsø' by art writer Ole Lindboe, he notes elegantly that I am among the finest abstract painters in Denmark, classical and modern at the same time. The works are different, beautiful and remarkeable. "

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